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We were able to attend last Saturday’s event Extreme Dimension in Fullerton! We hope many of you were able to make it to show your support for their charity event that has been going on for the last 7 years. This year Extreme Dimension showed support for Fullerton Cares Autism Foundation, and this lead a great amount of vehicle to join the show. They showcased some of the latest car mods and varieties of wide bodies! Here are some of the pictures, and we hope you enjoy them as much as us. SPOCOM is coming up in July, and we hope to see you guys there again!



Picture from Joseph Grigsby

Picture from Joseph Grigsby


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Mfest VIII, where should I even start? First off I am very, very, sad that this event is over. This is one event that I personally look forward to every year. It all started on a Thursday afternoon right when I got off of work.  I started prepping the car for the trip up to Las Vegas. Once I had the car all waxed and everything packed inside it, it was time for me to get a good night’s rest for the long caravan in the morning, but like every year I was too excited to fall asleep! It was 4AM Friday morning where we made a quick stop at the gas station to fill up before our first meeting point at Krispy Kreme donut. Once we all gathered up at KK, we got some donuts and coffee for the road and headed to our next stop, Barstow! Barstow is where caravans from around United States all meet up at. Once everyone had arrived it was time to head out to GoldRush, take a few more pictures and then line up to get ready to drive up to Las Vegas! It is an indescribable feeling when a few hundred BMW’s are lined up in front and behind you all in a straight line. Once we were all in a straight line, we pulled over to the side of the road and got a few pictures and let the Helicopter in the air do its thing. For some, when we arrive in Las Vegas, the journey ended and headed back home, and for some, like myself and my crew, stayed the weekend. We knew it was going to be one epic event! The first night we all headed over to the drag strip and put our cars on the line to prove who can walk the walk and talk the talk. The next day was when all of us gathered up again at the Las Vegas speed way, and it was track day! The weekend was epic to say the least. I am still very tired, but also very sad that it is over. Until next year Mfest, we will meet again. Here are some pictures of the whole event and some more on Instagram also! @K2Motor

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Autocon 2014

Autocon always has some heavy hitter cars in attendance. Autocon is an event not to be missed for any Import or Domestic enthusiasts. Last year’s Autocon was held outdoors, but Autocon 2014 change things up a bit: Most of the venues were indoors with some vendors and more show cars outside the event. This year’s event compared to last year’s was a bit smaller, but the quality of cars was amazing as always. Here is the coverage I got of the event! Please enjoy the pictures!

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