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Eating While Driving in California-Prohibited

Driving within the state of California can be more of a hassle at times than a privilege.  A main concern of California drivers is worrying about the increased risk of an accident and traffic jams wherever you go.  In addition to these foundational hassles, state law makers have increased the stress level of driving in California.

Within the past couple of years, California has adopted new laws for drivers to abide by or else face paying a hefty fine.  In July of 2008, the hands free device for all cell phone use was implemented, making using a cell phone without a hands free device illegal.  I can recall seeing a news report on the first day this law was passed and the pulled over drivers in their cars were outraged yet surprised on how serious law enforcement was in upholding the new law.  In January of 2009, California law makers took the hands free law to the next level outlawing text messaging.  According to a 2008 study conducted by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, text messaging increased the risk of an accident by 23 times.  Along with a multitude of other legitimate studies the no text messaging law has been implemented and enforced by law enforcement.  The first violation of these laws leads to a $20.00 fine, and repeated offenses are $50.00.

In addition to the no cell phone and text laws, the state of California has also adopted the no eating and drinking while driving law.  If law enforcement catches you eating or drinking while driving, they will pull you over and issue a citation.  This has had many drivers perplexed and confused, but nonetheless has been enforced and will continue to be enforced by state law makers and enforcement.  It has been studied by valid researchers that eating while driving constitutes for 80% of accidents.  The first violation is a $90.00 fine, the second is a $240.00 fine, and a third violation is a definite suspension of your license for 30 days.There is no definite end as to what law makers will create to decrease the risk of accidents.

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