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Top 10 Women’s Guilty Pleasures

Since most of K2's customers and website audience is male, I thought it would be great to comprise a list of things women enjoy.  It does not matter whether you are male or female, we all have our own guilty pleasuresGuilty pleasures enable us to relax, dream, and wish.  They are normal and very ok as long as they do not interfere with your life.  There is an obvious difference between what women find relaxing in comparison to their male counterparts.  For example, you may be lusting after a 2010  Nissan GTR and your girlfriend may be lusting over a new Balenciaga purse.  These are totally different guilty pleasures where women and men do not understand one another's perspectives.

#10.  Fantasy novels-Fantasy novels allow our wishes and desires to come true in reading.  Although, we may not meet our dream man in reality, in a fantasy novel we always will.

#9.  Cleanliness-   Most women enjoy the smell and feel of freshly washed clothes and sheets.  Personally, I must change my bed sheets 2 times a week.

#8.  Buying flowers for ourselves-Personally I have never been a culprit of this action, but many women do this.  First, the appearance of flowers are nice and liven up a room.  Second, you never know when your girlfriend will stop by and ask who bought you the flowers.

#7.  Dancing-I do not know one woman that does not like dancing!Even if she is the most horrible dancer, she will still enjoy dancing to 80's one hit wonders.

#6.  Manicures and Pedicures-The most masculine woman even enjoys this, I feel it is safe to say. It allows us to take time off from hectic lives to pamper ourselves.

#5.  Chick Flicks-We are a sucker for romance.  This relates back to #10, we enjoy seeing our fantasies played out even if its not real. Its nice to see a movie where a woman changes her man into her prince charming, while in reality we see that there is no way of getting our significant others to commit to anything if there is a sports game on.  It's nice to wish.

#4.  Facebook-It enables women to catch up on gossip, look at embarrassing pictures of friends, ex-friends, or better yet ex-boyfriends.

#3.  Pointless media-This includes pointless reality T.V., soap operas, and celebrity gossip columns and magazines.  I know it will not increase my I.Q. level, but watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians is pure comedy and relaxation.

#2.  Shopping-Come on guys...you knew about this one.  We are suckers for a day of shopping.  Shoes, clothes, beauty products, jewelry, furniture, etc.  If it's sold we have money to spend.

#1.  Junk food-Most women watch their figures and exercise to stay in shape.  It just takes one craving, one jerk who stood you up, or just being bored for us to indulge in junk food.  All junk food tastes the best when we aren't supposed to have it.

Men, now you are aware of the females' guilty pleasures.  If you have a girlfriend or wife, she would be super appreciative if you joined her in one of these activities.  For those of you who are single, you may want to take a clue from my list.

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